6 Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

As we spoke earlier in one of our previous articles on How Globalization is changing the Industry of Architecture & Construction, we can say that time is becoming more relative than ever( If you didn’t get the chance to check it out, give it a read). And it could not have been more true in the day when people are working with teams from all over the world in the free economy to produce faster but also more cost effective results.

This way of working has brought about the need of outsourcing. Today we are going to talk about how drafting has changed in the modern world business.

Drafting is usually the first phase of the Architectural project and what most successful companies have found to be very profitable for their working time and costs, is outsourcing this service to outsourcing companies. Let’s talk about how outsourcing drafting in Architecture does benefit these companies:

First things first: when we talk about Architectural Drafting we are talking about using a professional software program such as AutoCAD 2D. This program has monthly costs, that when an Architecture studio decides to outsource to an outsourcing company, can be reduced. In order for the drafting process to be effective in time a number of staff members should engage in the process of drafting, leaving behind other projects. Well, not any more, when you work with an outsourcing studio you can rest sure that we take the burden off your shoulder of working on your project and complete all drafting for you without you engaging any extra other staff member or occupying the existing staff for this phase. You can focus you staff member on other more important topics and phases of the project

When you work with an outsourcing studio, you can rest sure that your drafting work is being done literally when you are asleep by a specialized team of drafters that will save you time on completing the project. That’s the beauty of the time zone difference, your project is being completed when you are resting and focusing on other more important parts of your business and boost your productivity, and you are able to reach those deadlines without any burden.

What we have noticed from our clients feedback is that the quality of the Drafting works is very good and precise and they have had it very easy to translate this work into architectural and construction projects, which in turn has been very accurate on the site construction. When we are talking about drafting, we often forget the responsibility that comes with it. Drafting can be time consuming and the less glamorous part of the project but like the building has its foundations ( the less obvious parts) that are the pillars of the building, without which the building would not stand up, that’s what Drafting in Architecture really is, and we know very well the importance of doing precise and accurate drafting works.

If you had the possibility to choose between working on developing your project or working on growing your business, which one would you choose? Those who know what I am talking about, know that growing a business is the most important activity one should be focused about. What about developing the project? Well, that’s why we are here, we have helped many companies in fast forwarding their projects into completion by outsourcing their drafting works to our team of specialists who focus only on achieving the best results for your project for you to fast forward to the project implementation. This has helped us develop teams of specialized staff for specific projects phases such as Drafting, 3D models, Animation, ect, and deliver high quality and cost efficient results.

The beauty of outsourcing is the flexibility of the project to be outsourced as per your need, without you needing to hire extra staff for this phase, thus helping you reduce your costs.

We are excited that we live in a era where business, technology and architecture is changing so fast and improving with it the way we develop these projects. This changes have brought about many changes on how we do business and we are testimonials of that, Vission Architecture was born as a need to help aid companies in completing their projects faster by outsourcing their services to our teams of specialists. We are so excited to share with you that we are developing new innovative services which we will announce soon to help you facilitate your works and thrive in your business.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming our collaborator and take advantage of our special offers and prices.

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