★ Hairdresser ★ Esthetician ★ Injectable & Med Spa ★ Nail Artist ★ Lash Tech ★ Makeup Artist ★ Brow Artist ★ Massage Therapist & Wellness ★ Photographer ★ Blogger

These are Powerful DIY Templates designed specifically for Beauticians by Award Winning Agency to help you Communicate Clearly and with Elegance your Business to your Ideal Customers. Ready to make your dreams come true?

You’re going to love these!

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  • Design a custom logo that perfectly reflects your business make your customers remember & recall your business through a unique & well-designed logo.
  • Grow your Organic Marketing while Instilling trust and credibility through your new well-crafted brand & logo.
  • Create professional-quality mood boards & branding boards to showcase your vision 
  • Increase your online business value through a strong brand with a recognizable logo. This will become an asset that adds to the overall value of your online business.
  • Generate compelling social media graphics that keep your followers engaged based on your new brand .
  • Produce eye-catching banners, unique business cards, amazing letter heads & memorable brand brochures that make a lasting impression 
  • Create a strong brand & logo as a powerful marketing tool across various marketing channels, & create a cohesive & impactful brand message.
  • Stay on track with your brand with the latest 2024 Brand Trends with our Brand Style Guide & Brand Workbook & create a Brand that is Memorable
  • Develop a comprehensive branding guidelines & workbook that ensures consistency and coherence across all your marketing efforts


It includes comprehensive contents designed for your success:

  • 60+ Done-For-You Main Logo Templates (Valued at £2970) 
  • 60+ Primary Logo Templates (Valued at £1000)
  • 60+ Secondary Logo Templates (Valued at £1000)
  • 60+ Easy-to-Edit Branding Template sets (Valued at £4970)
  • 60+ Facebook Covers (Valued at £1000) 
  • 60+ Moodboards Design (Valued at £1000)
  • 60+ Winning Color Palette Combinations (Valued at £970)
  • 60+ Stylish Hand Drawn Elements (Valued at £3970) 
  • 60+ Winning Font Combinations (Valued at £970) 
  • BONUS: In-Depth Training Videos (Valued at £1970) 
  • BONUS: The Build Your Brand Workbook (Valued at £970)
  • BONUS: 5+ Brand Style Guides Templates (Valued at £3970)
  • BONUS: 10+ Professional Business Cards Templates (Valued at £3970)



“Well worth every cent, so excited for my new brand board that I can’t stop looking at!”




What Can You Edit on the Templates?

Everything is customizable on our Luxury Bundle Collections! Unlock limitless possibilities with our Luxury Templates. Seamlessly customizable using Canva, whether you have a Free or Paid account. Blend and harmonize, input your unique details, and sculpt

your distinctive luxury brand that effortlessly outshines the competition. Elevate your online presence, appearing as the consummate professional who captivates audiences on social media. Your journey to standing out starts right here.


The revolutionary step-by-step system and templates for busy entrepreneurs to help in creating a logo they love and have their business finally look put together and professional.


All service providers, hair stylists, retailers, spas, injection doctors & nurses, online shops, beauty brands, make-up brands, make-up artists, skin care brands, clothing brands, fashion bloggers, photographers, digital entrepreneur, mompreneur, copywriter, fashion designers etc…


Here’s What’s Included:

With everything included below, you will be saving a ton of invaluable time, money and stress!

60+ Logo Trios & 60+ Brand Templates

Here’s what’s included in the Canva logo-maker & brand templates:

  • 3 Fully-Editable Logo Variations per branding board. Your Main Logo, your Alternate Logo and your Submark (favicon) Logo. Over 180 total logos.
  • Fully-Editable Color Palettes. You can keep these as is, mix and match or easily add in your own color options.
  • We’ve chosen great font pairings for you to make it effortless, but you’re free to edit these or choose fonts that feel more like you.

Regular Value £9940

5+ Canva Brand Style Guide Template

Take your logo and branding to the next level with this Canva Brand Style Guide Template

5 Page Fully-Editable Brand Style Guide Template for you to edit with your own colors, logos and fonts.

Helps to keep you on track to make sure everything you’re designing stays on brand and on track for your social media.

Regular Value £3970

10+ Editable Canva Business Card Templates

We’re taking it one step further so you can too with a stunning, branded business card

  • 5 Fully-Editable Canva Business Card Templates that are ready to edit with your new brand.
  • Step-by-step video tutorial so you’ll know exactly how to edit and design your cards so they come out right.
  • We’ll also teach you how to order your cards right from Canva so there is literally no extra stress.

Regular Value £3970

60+ Hand drawn Custom Elements

This is where the magic really comes in!  We’ve hand-created over 60 custom elements that you can use with your logo

  • Because Canva does not allow the use of their elements for logos specifically, we’ve created a library for you!
  • All can be paired in creating logo designs that stand out.
  • We are constantly adding new elements to keep our elements pack fresh and exciting.

Regular Value £3970


-Bonuses (Value £6910)-

Enroll in the Instant Brand Blueprint today and you’ll also get these

3 Bonus Trainings totally FREE!

(£1970 VALUE)

We don’t just give you templates and send you packing, we give you the step-by-step run down to choose, edit and save your logos
(£970 VALUE)

We’re also giving you access to our Build Your Brand Workbook to answer to key questions to choosing the brand style for you + your audience.
(£3970 VALUE)

Our Brand Style Guides help you keep on track to make sure everything you’re designing stays on brand and on track for your social media.


“This is a life saver! I totally recommend!”

-Luxury Bundle Collections-

The only templates and training you need to making logo and brand that you’re insanely proud

of and gets some serious attention from your ideal audience!

  • 180+ Done-For-You Custom Logo Templates (Valued at £4970)
  • 60+ Easy-to-Edit Branding Template sets (Valued at £4970)
  • 60+ Winning Color Palette Combinations (Valued at £1970)
  • 60+ Stylish Hand Drawn Elements (Valued at £3970)
  • 60+ Winning Font Combinations (Valued at £1970)
  • BONUS: In-Depth Training Videos (Valued at £1970)
  • BONUS: The Build Your Brand Workbook (Valued at £970)
  • BONUS: 5+ Brand Style Guides Templates (Valued at £3970)
  • BONUS: 10+ Professional Business Cards Templates (Valued at £3970)

Total Value: £28,730


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Luxury Bundle Collections Success Stories



We’re extremely proud of the products we have created and we know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase. These are not just some Canva copy-paste templates. It has taken us 16 years of experience in this field and in the beauty industry to carefully craft and design these custom made templates. These templates are especially designed for this industry, with you in mind, made easy to edit and for your to use. Enjoy!


What Happens When You Buy?

Input your payment information after clicking on the “YES! Buy Now” Button.
As soon as your payment goes through, you’ll get a PDF with the links to access the templates.
You’ll immediately receive Canva Template links right away so you can start in Canva immediately!


Hi There, We’re Vission Architecture

We are a Female Founded business, with founders coming from a Design and Fashion Beauty Background.

So we know how important a professional branding can be to the overall success of a business and thanks to our background we know the challenges & esthetics of Beauty Industry and Female Build Businesses.

It’s no secret that we run a million-dollar business and you can to, with the right tools!

From our 16 years experience in helping businesses like you, we’ve put together the best tools, so that you can achieve the best results, easily.

That’s why we’ve created Luxury Brand Bundle and offered Bonus Tools, just for you today! We’ve designed them, you get to edit them and no one needs to know.  It’s a win/win!

Awards Won

Luxury Bundle Collections


  • 180+ Done-For-You Custom Logo Templates (Valued at £4970)
  • 60+ Easy-to-Edit Branding Template sets (Valued at £4970)
  • 60+ Winning Color Palette Combinations (Valued at £1970)
  • 60+ Stylish Hand Drawn Elements (Valued at £3970)
  • 60+ Winning Font Combinations (Valued at £1970)
  • BONUS: In-Depth Training Videos (Valued at £1970)
  • BONUS: The Build Your Brand Workbook (Valued at £970)
  • BONUS: 5+ Brand Style Guides Templates (Valued at £3970)
  • BONUS: 10+ Professional Business Cards Templates (Valued at £3970)

Total Value: £28,730


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You’ve Got Questions? We Have Answers!

What if I've never used Canva before?

That’s EXACTLY why we created the tutorial videos that support you even as a total newbie. You can also choose how much you want to customize the logos. You could even just switch out the biz name and keep everything else the same if you find one that works!

What is Canva and is it free?

Canva is an online design tool that was made with the non-designer in mind. Canva does offer a free version that you can sign up for immediately. All the fonts we’ve chosen are free with the Canva Free subscription.

How do I actually make sure I do this?

This system includes a step-by-step process to walk you through the branding process quickly and easily so you don’t feel overwhelmed. YOU CAN DO THIS. (Because you can. Why not you?)

What if I have questions for you?

We’re happy to help you in any way we can to make your logo and branding look amazing. If you’ve got questions, the best thing to do is to send us an email anytime here: info@vissionarchitecture.com

What's the catch? Are there any hidden fees?

There is no catch and no hidden fees! The Luxury Brand bundle is a one-time purchase, therefore no additional fees will be added when downloading your logo.

What's the difference between this and your custom services?

Our Luxury Brand Bundle provides you with the same professional quality as our custom services and the long experience in this field, enclosed into an easy to follow product that you can access. From start to finish, we help you to narrow down your vision and apply it to your overall business branding. We have included 50+ Branding Board templates complete with 150 logos, color palettes and mood boards that are fully editable via Canva. Furthermore, we guide you through the whole process with video tutorials and digital workbooks.

Do I need to purchase any font licenses?

You may need to purchase a font license if you choose to use the font outside of Canva (for fonts that are not found on Google Fonts) like on your website or within other platforms on your computer. Font licenses can be bought online (we recommend Creative Market for this!) We’ve only included fonts that are native to and included within Canva Free.

Can I trademark the logo I create?

Because these are templates and more than 1 person may use an element, you can’t trademark any of the elements we design. That is not to say that you can’t trademark your business name and we always suggest speaking with a lawyer..

When do I get access to the files and training area?

As soon as your payment is complete, you will be send an email with steps how to access the templates and bonuses as well as you’ll receive the links on a PDF right away, after making purchase. Your email confirmation will arrive within a few minutes and you can access your templates and bonuses within minutes of your purchase and you will hold lifetime access.

What if I'm just starting out?

Perfect! The first section in our branding workbook will help you identify the why of your new business and your target audience. Moving on to branding your business will be much easier with that figured out! And if you are more advanced, these materials will solidify your brand’s valuesand help you structure them even better, so that you would become a step ahead of your competition and attract the best clients!

How long do I have access for?

You have lifetime access to the Luxury Brand Bundle and will still have access as we add more logo templates and resources. It’s up to you how soon you want to get your branding done!

Will this help me if I already have a logo?

100% yes! Along with the 50+ Logo Trios, you will also receive corresponding color palettes, font pairings, Facebook covers, and a mood board for each design – all of which can be mixed and matched or edited to your liking! The Luxury Brand Bundle also contains over 50 custom-made elements to use in your designs, 5 Brand Style Guides, as well as 10 Business Card Templates and a full Branding Workbook to develop your business branding.
If you are looking to create more cohesive overall business branding, this would be a great option for you!

Can I use these materials for Commercial Purposes?

This Bundle was created for PERSONAL USE ONLY , for today’s offer. You HAVE TO PURCHASE THE COMMERCIAL LICENSE if you plan to use these materials for commercial purposes you have to PAY £5000 and A ROYALTY OF 20% IN PERPETUITY of your income generated by the sale of these materials on a lifetime basis. While you are free to create a logo for your own business, you will not be able to create logos for customers or others, or distribute the templates in any form. Vission Architecture HOLDS THE COPYRIGH OF THESE MATERIALS.


Don’t See Your Question In The FAQ’s?

We love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Instant Brand Blueprint. You can email us directly at info@vissionarchitecture.com or you can simply hop on chat with us by clicking the little Facebook Messenger chat option in the bottom right.