How Globalization is changing the Industry of Architecture & Construction

Globalization is changing every industry and reshaping them, as it has already done in the past. It started with the steam engine and industrial weaving machine, then the second time with the assembly line, car, plane. Then it came the digital revolution. Now we are living in the verge of a forth revolution of deep technology and digitization. Of course every industry will change and reshape in order to succeed. That is why even the industry of Architecture and Construction would not have escaped this fate. But what does this global revolution and globalization mean for this industry?

It most certainly means change.

The change has begun from the social integration of different countries no matter their economical past, or even present. Cultural behaviors are getting more and more similar between countries, and it is inevitable in the time where someone from Europe has immediate access to his colleagues in US for example. People follow about the same trends, get inspired from the same stories and things. Professionally country differences in the past would have been a very big challenge. But today, where information is dominating every part of our day, those that have the will to grow and learn more, will study, learn and change their skill level. I would even go further and state that this globalization has created even more capable professionals, but why? Because of specialization that’s why.

In this deep tech revolution something is changing besides technology: our mindset.

In many aspects we are changing the way we perceive distances, time and budget cost distribution. Distances can be reached not only physically but also virtually in a very short time. The virtual world is becoming a really new world we are living simultaneously. So working with clients from different countries, even continents has never been easier. But the same goes for projects, that can be outsourced to studios in another part of the world. Thanks to digitization working and staying in constant contact between each other has never been easier. Every change in the project, review or even comment is done in real time, that gives possibility to work easily, as it would have been with an employee. What we have observed in our work, as an outsourcing studio, is that with the passing of time more and more we are specializing on different tasks. This gives us the possibility to deliver a very high quality of service. Working with different studios from different countries has given us also time advantage.

One of the advantages of globalization: Time difference advantage.

Working with outsourcing studios in different time zones can give very good advantages. The time difference can be an advantage of short-cutting the work by one day. Time is very important in business and short-cutting it can be a very clever way of generating more revenue. During our work with studios from various locations, our collaborators have had an increased profit, and we are glad to have contributed to their success. For us it is very important to help our collaborators thrive in their business

Globalization, decreasing costs

Working between different countries means also working between different economic zones. Today in business, as in the industry of Architecture and Construction, the budget distribution focus is changing. With outsourcing services, companies have had the opportunity to cut costs and have an extra budget for different activities. For example our competitive prices, give the possibility to our collaborators to save money while still having the work done in a very good quality and standard.

So what are you waiting from utilizing these advantages of the time we are living now? Besides technology advantages that are making our work easier, in this era we can also cut costs and increase profits. It just requires a small shift and can be done easily. Contact us for more details on our Outsourcing services.

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Vitjola Viso, Co-Founder of Vission Architecture, that is a fast-growing service provider in outsourced business with a wide range of effective, reliable and bespoke solutions for commercial functions ofArchitecture3D DesignGraphic Design, and Photography. Vitjola has an experience of over a decade as an Architect and Entrepreneur. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to increase their success.

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