How the industry of architecture is changing…

We are testimonials to gigantic changes that are going to take place in the world. Technology is revolutionizing all the aspects of our life. These years more than ever the speed of development of technology has increased and within even a short period of 20 years things will be totally different than they are today. Technology has changed not only the ‘tools’ we use, but also the way we think, we act, we work and how we live, of course it will also revolutionize Architecture & Construction industry.

Today we are shifting from the traditional paper project that used to go to the construction site to a digital process of carefully calculated details not only architectural or constructive, but also financial and so much more.

In the industry BIM‘s (Building Information Modeling) is being used more and more. It is so much more than a simple way of drawing. It is the 5D modeling of the future, a blend of information, metrics, drawings, details and all the construction drawings all in one. It not only has shortened the time of project preparation, but also connected all the factors that are very important to create a project. Especially complicated or large buildings, that can easily be subject to errors or a long time of drawing, with BIM you can create an identical virtual copy of the project, change it, recreate it and still get the financial calculations done, the metrics, details and all drawings done very fast, and totally accurate data.

Digital Engineering is meshing with Reality. Creating a new world that is filled with accurate information. The virtual world is helping shape reality, to the detail, with more efficiency and less errors. In real time teams from the Architecture studio can communicate changes to the construction site as they are happening to the project, and recreate that project in reality as a final building. Communication between different design teams has never been easier. Architects, Construction Engineers, even site workers can discuss and work all connected in the Cloud and create one unique project.

 The time information travels today is very fast, creating faster projects and being efficient in time. Complex buildings, different geographical locations between teams are not problems that bother construction today.

In fact the industry of Architecture & Construction is the one where technology has not affected yet the gigantic changes, but we are in the verge of a fast growth rate even in this industry. Many organizations have started to take their steps to adopt these changes. This would imply a very good knowledge of the software as well as creating the structure of employees that can follow this process. Some have succeeded in this process, and are already getting the benefits of technology. It’s no wonder that those who dared will also ripe the best fruits before others do.

But the process may have not been so easy for others. Creating a BIM structure of employees would mean investing in the right people to get the knowledge to learn the software, creating a working experience in the matter of BIM and being able to execute with ease projects in such way. Apart from that, the process besides time consuming, is also not a cheap one. Between training that the company has to pay for employees to the fee of software acquisition, there may also be other small fees for new hardware that would work better with the software. So it is not a cheap process, that’s why many have found a very effective solution : outsourcing it to more specialized teams. They have found reliable Outsourcing Studios that are able to deliver a very professional BIM Project and started working with them. The solution is very cost effective, fast and will also ensure that the project is done in a professional way. Whichever way to choose, one thing we should keep in mind, we should educate ourselves on how to work in this new era that is coming, because no matter how we resist it, it will come for sure.

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Vitjola Viso, Co-Founder of Vission Architecture, that is a fast-growing service provider in outsourced business with a wide range of effective, reliable and bespoke solutions for commercial functions ofArchitecture3D DesignGraphic Design, and Photography. Vitjola has an experience of over a decade as an Architect and Entrepreneur. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to increase their success.

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