3 Ways to DOUBLE profits in Architecture

Every business’ goal is to increase its revenue. So why should the industry of Architecture and Construction be different? Business and the world these days is changing at a very rapid speed. Back in the day the computer was just a tool in which one could create and draw faster that handmade sketches, but today it is so much more. We are living in the era of connection and every computer is not just a tool but a means to a whole new world, the world of Technology. Today time can bend and locations have no barriers. New opportunities are arising, many new things to be discovered, but are you profiting from these changes in your business to increase the profit?

Shifting the focus in these 3 ways can influence in the increase of the profits:

Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

Performing all the tasks of the industry is very important to have a good reputation in the industry. Excelling at all tasks is crucial to create a name and also keep the good reputation, not only locally but also globally. Visual design related tasks are very important because they are the first visual impact of the business towards clients. And with today’s technology visual effects can be very realistic. A whole new world can be created virtually which is a very good marketing strategy to acquire important global clients. Even for simple tasks such as drafting, people with experience will perform faster their job, and thus be cost effective. Bottom line hiring specialized employees would help create a structure for more effective work, better quality and more professional projects.

Laser Focus

Performance is directly measured by focus. Managing the team and projects, creating a structure of specialized employees can be very important to keep a good reputation and deliver perfect projects, but a very important task , one of the most, is acquiring new clients, in fact to grow as a business it should be focused on costumer acquisition. The most important thing is to find the balance in time management during the day. In order to focus on customer acquisition a perfect day scheduling must be set, but that is not important. The mindset during the day should change also. The mindset?? Yes, the mindset of time management. We all have tasks that are not so fun to perform, or that we procrastinate that makes us lose time during the day without even noticing, when instead we could be focused on getting new clients. In the right mindset we would focus on the reason why we wouldn’t like to perform the task, finding it and setting our mind on performing the task by lowering our expectations. Sometimes the reasons we don’t like to perform a task is that we feel we lack the skill, or we feel we don’t know enough on the subject, or even just the possibility of not getting the desired outcome makes us procrastinate. Lowering our expectations, and creating a mindset of being open to learn new things, and try different things can make us focus on the process, enjoy it, and do it easier while learning along the way. In the end of the day the focus remains in getting more clients, all other details should work for this purpose.

Time management

Time is the only asset we cannot trade for anything. We only use the time of the day to do different tasks, and choose which one would give us the best result. In today’s world, time can bend and location has no boundaries. More and more businesses are outsourcing their tasks. With different geographical locations, 24 hours of the day can be effective to work, and shorten the time of delivery, plus it is cost effective as more and more countries that have lower working rates are specializing at these tasks. But if you are not into it, you can always create a very good plan, scheduling it to find the perfect balance between business management, customer acquisition and building very good relationships with the new clients. Remember the right way of finding out what to do to be effective, is by staying focused on the end goal, and why not saving money in the process. A perfect combination of focus on the right tasks, hiring only specialized employees and doing this while finding the right balance of time are the crucial factors in increasing revenue even doubling it in a year, or simply outsourcing the tasks that can be done by a specialized group and keep on focusing on clients and getting new ones, can double the yearly revenue.

About Author:

Vitjola Viso, Co-Founder of Vission Architecture, that is a fast-growing service provider in outsourced business with a wide range of effective, reliable and bespoke solutions for commercial functions of Architecture, 3D Design, Graphic Design, and Photography. Vitjola has an experience of over a decade as an Architect and Entrepreneur. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to increase their success.

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