Logo Design


Logo Design


  • 1 Logo design
  •  2 Revision rounds
  •  Turnaround in 25-35 business days
  •  Due to the nature of this service, this project is Non-Refundable & Non-Cancellable



Let us help you design your outstanding Logo


We will work closely with your company to create the best solution for you. Fast response and ongoing customer care service, to deliver the best and professional service for your business.

Duration of project: 25-35 Business Days
Payments: one time fee for the project
Price displayed in this page is One Time Fee

Terms of Collaboration:
★ 1 Logo creation included in this package
★ Turnaround in 25-35 business days
★ Due to the nature of this service, this project is Non-Refundable
★ This project includes 2 revision rounds

After the purchase of this service, we will send you the instructions of the next steps.

After receiving the information, we will start immediately working on your project. You will be in constant communication with the manager you are working with for any requirement.

The Client will have 1 business day to review and approve each step. At the end of said time, if no answer has been given, the work will be considered approved, and we will continue our work.


1) The project timeline includes the time we work on the project, does not include the time the client needs to review the project. Any delay in the response time of the client in the period after each revision round, is the client sole responsibility for exceeding the project timeline. We do not take responsibility for this delay. Please note that a delay in response for more than 2 business days, we will consider the step as approved and will go on with the next step.

A revision isn’t a complete change in direction, it’s refining the design or structure of the design to meet your requirements. Any extra revisions will incur additional costs.

3) Please note that this project does not include additional materials such as brand guide etc . To provide additional materials will be considered as an additional project towards an additional fee.

4) Due to the nature of this service, this project is Non-Refundable and can not be cancelled.

The Logo will be created and delivered into the preferred chosen format such as eps, jpg, pdf, png ready to be implemented on your website or documents.
Rest assured that our team will be in constant contact with you to create the best solution for your business.

Thank you for choosing to work with us!

*Please reach out for every requirement,  we will be glad to assist you.